We have reached the critical stage of assembling Kaval Park. We have raised $5,000 for the montage over the past half year, but the journey continue to expand. With only 10% of filming left to finish in Bulgaria we are set to start editing full time. We are still raising funds for and filming the making of the kaval in Seattle. Like a short melody, any support, no matter how small, goes a long way.

A note from director Bogdan Darev, "One year ago I began the not-for-profit journey of making Kaval Park. I first met kaval player Aleksandr Eppler in 2011 when he played for the children of our growing Bulgarian community in Seattle. As the years passed we became friends and I soon learned Sasho (as we Bulgarians call him) had one simple wish: To pass down his authentic knowledge of Bulgarian folklore and the craft of making a kaval (Bulgarian shepherd's flute).

I began filming Sasho after he had a stroke on December 25th, 2016. I thought I was making a short documentary but soon realized I had a duty to honor the instrument that inspires and has shaped Sasho into the man he is. That meant that the documentary needed to connect us to not just his childhood friends in Bulgaria, but also to the many Bulgarian kaval players living in the USA and Bulgaria. The result is over a year of filming and over two hundred hours of footage that needs to be condensed to a feature length film documentary. I've tried to edit here and there over the past half year, but find it very hard to do so while I need to work and support my family. So, I have, at last, decided to turn to my community here, in Bulgaria and across the world to ask for your generous support. The money that is raised will allow me to spend part of 2018 immersed into the creative editing process. Part of the budget will also be used to create the subtitles, master the audio and color correct the film. Considering the workload this fundraising sum is a very modest amount, but one that should nevertheless allow me to compete the film in time for a spring 2019 premier.

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